More about the Loyal and drolly Chow chow Puppies

The deep set eyes give Chow chow an impressive look not forgetting the large head covered by mane of hairs. It is a dog breed that has an independent and proud spirit similar to that of a cat, the breed is territorial and protective and will attack strangers without a warning! However, a well raised Chow chow is a loyal companion and less aggressive.

What is unique about Chow chow?chow chow puppies

The interesting thing is that this breed has over four different animals’ traits! It combines nobility of a lion, Panda’s drollness, appeal of a teddy bear, loyalty of a dog not forgetting the independence and grace of a cat.

Notable physical features of a Chow chow

The black-blue tongue make the breed stand out among all animals. Other features include;

· The deep set of eyes

· The thick and soft fur

· Its choppy gaits

A chow chow has an average weight of 40-70 pounds, 1 foot and some inches tall and an average lifespan of 12-15 years.

It is important to note that the breed is not speedy and will get tired quickly-not the breed to go out for jogging exercises! However, the breed is a great walking companion.

Taking care of a Chow chow

Taking care of this pet starts with feeding, grooming and medical attention. Under grooming, brush the thick fur twice a week and wash it more frequently. The amount of food your pet feeds on depends on the age and gender-just like humans! 2 to 3 cups of dog food may do for a day.

Medical attention is greatly important; Canine Hip Dysplasia is a common condition affecting different breeds of dogs. Getting medical clearance before buying the breed and taking it for routine checkup is also necessarily.


Do not attempt to leave your dog locked in your car! Dogs are easily affected by heat stroke and their body temperature may rise to 106 degrees causing great damage to the internal organs. Dogs pass out excess heat through panting and not through their thick fur! More about the chow chow on

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