Chow Chow Puppies – The puppy for every family!

He’s fluffy and adorable at the age of 8 weeks, and shows signs of becoming strong and independent in the coming months. Even though this breed is very intelligent and loyal to his owner, his character will make him most suitable to the owner who is willing to sacrifice time and patience for him. Puppies are serious, dignified and proud!chow-chow-puppies


History of This Dog Breed

This is one of the oldest dog breed, dating back to 3000 years ago. That’s way back, don’t you think? Well, history books have it that this dog was originally from Mongolia, and that he was used to guard temples in China, as well as in hunting and herding grounds. So there’s enough proof that he existed during the era of the early man. But today, he’s purely for companionship, period!


The chow chow is simply rough in appearance. He is short, compact and squarely-built dog, with more hair on the outside, particularly around the neck area – so you’d think it resembles lion mane. But he also has soft woolly under-coat. You’ll realize that he has a blue/black tongue, accompanied by 44 teeth (as a puppy) instead of the usual 42. He also has a curled up tail, with straight back legs, which gives him a unique stilted gait. His hair is short, abundant, dense and upstanding. We best describe it as plush-like texture.


They are a splendid creature, and one of the most impressive breeds of all time. They are believed to have originated from china. They also referred to as simply chow and it looks like a cross breed between a lion and a bear. One feature that makes them to be astonishing is its black/blue tongue. Historically experts have suggested that they are one of the oldest breed. Also there are different kinds in terms of appearance. The long-haired dog with rough coat is the most common one compared to the one with smooth coat. The smooth and rough coated comprises of two distinct varieties. There are five different colors of the breed; black, red, blue, cream and cinnamon. Of all kinds the red is the most frequent and it can vary from deep mahogany to light golden. The cream are no common as they tend to turn to brown upon their maturity.

chow-chow-puppies for saleThe disposition of the chow is different from other different breeds; the attitude is similar to that of a cat. Their attitude is characterized by detached, dignified, independent and reserved with affection as well as stubbornness. Their fur is also very enticing for hugging and as such, it is common to see them get attached to adults or children. They are different as they don’t put any effort in pleasing their masters like other breeds. This is despite possessing great intelligence. They also expect to be treated with respect and dignity if one expects to earn their loyalty. Though children can grow up with them well, they don’t tolerate any kind of abuse.


Chows can be bought from a number of dog breeders around who take particular care for the pet. There are good chow chow breeders in many parts of the country who specialize in breeding and selling them. Buyers from the UK can visit the website Another site which sells chows worldwide is Here you can buy the breed and the dog will be shipped to you anywhere in the world. The most important thing is to carefully shop and do a thorough research for the right breeders who really take care of their breeds. The rescue center is another place to go when looking for a lovely pup. Such centers usually take time to train, groom and treat the dogs well.

A well reputed breeding center can be the right place to look for chow chows. Keen observation is needed to only go to a center who have the best breeds. A good breed is the one with a rough and thick coat and very friendly, a moderate weight of between 45 to 75 pounds, and is friendly to your first appearance. Unsocial chows might not be good for your home and family and therefore you need to look for a well-treated and trained breed.

When looking for a good chow you need to look at general health, adaptability to children and home, train-ability and a good coat to groom.chow chow puppies for adoption


He is dignified, loyal, discerning and proud. The Chow chow is unique because he has an independence typically found in a cat as opposed to a dog. When greeting them, you get a feel that they prefer to be greeted with hands, so that they can see and smell it as well. They don’t prefer a pat on the head from behind or on top.

For a long time, they’ve earned the reputation of being a one man dog. This means that they will identify one person in the family whom they will be most comfortable with. However, experts say this is not always true as they will readily get along with other family members as well. They also don’t take strangers in too well. So it takes a little bit of patience for them to grow accustomed even to the owner.


When they are only 8 weeks old, chow puppies need 4 quality meals a day. But you need to limit the quantity of red meat as well. So when you’re buying a chow chow, ensure that you obtain a diet sheet from the breeder, which should help you determine the type and quantity that should be given. It’s important to note that these dogs don’t generally over-eat, but you need to increase food quantity as they grow.

When they are between 12-14 weeks, reduce the frequency of meals to 3, but increase quantity until they are 6 months old. At this age, 2 meals a day will be fine, but remember to increase quantity of food. You should also give them ”tit bits” here and there. Some biscuits is fine – just to help keep their teeth clean. Biscuits should also be given as snack during breakfast or bed time. If you have some leftovers, particularly fish and vegetables, you should add these to his main meal. Never give them cooked bones, plus ensure that there’s always a fresh supply of clean, fresh water nearby.cute-chow-chow-puppies


Take them to the vet to ensure that they are healthy at all time. Inoculations are given at 8 weeks, accompanied by a follow up of 10 weeks. After that, it’s done once a year. You’re not supposed to take your puppy out in the public until his vet announces that his inoculation is complete.

They should be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old. After this, they should be wormed monthly until they are 6 months old. As for the adult chow, he should be wormed at least twice a year. During this time, your doctor should check for symptoms of other diseases such as heatstroke, hip dysplasia, breathing, bloating and so forth. These are crucial for his health.


This breed of dogs don’t fancy getting their feet cold in water. But they want to be clean and groomed at all time. Chows may dribble when they are excited. So when cleaning them, it’s important to dry hair on their chest so that it doesn’t get inflamed or sore. A good brushing once a week will always suffice, so you need to invest in a slicker brush. And when they change coat, expect shading twice a year.

You should bath them when they are 8 weeks old using mild dog shampoo. Make sure that you don’t splash water into their eyes or in their ears.chow chow puppy

In grooming palours, they will use drying boxes, which is not a good idea to use on a chow dog. These dogs have a dense coat, and a reputation of collapsing and dying due to overheating.


They show some characteristics like the cat, so it’s common to see them cleaning their own feet and so forth. Patience is needed when instilling discipline on a chow puppy. The basics can be learned. Remember, it’s much easier to live with a well-behaved dog, than to put up with a big, unruly dog you cannot rely on. Training must begin from the day you take them home, and requires a little bit of firmness.

Some habits may prove to be extremely difficult to get rid of. That’s because chow are the most difficult to train dogs due to their independent nature. Untrained adult males may become unruly, so it’s recommended that you train them when young so that they don’t grow out of control.

You should teach him things like standing on top of a table when grooming, or even letting you hold him by his collar when walking him around the garden. You can take advantage of local dog training classes in your area so that your puppy meets other dogs and people. They will learn to socialize this way.

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